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Healthy Tips - Kickstart Your Metabolism

3 Keys to Kick Start Your Metabolism - Naturally!

By Lee McPeck of Prolab Nutrition

1. Eat 4-6 small meals per day. To get your body programmed for becoming a fat burning "furnace", it is imperative that you eat more frequent, smaller meals throughout the day. This will help keep your metabolism moving and your energy levels naturally high. Try and target each of your meals during the day to be approximately having the same amount of calories. Meal Replacement products are a great way to ensure you are providing this balanced nutrition throughout the day.

2. Balance each meal with protein, carbs, and fats. By providing reasonable amounts of these three essential macronutrients at each meal, your body will have the fuel it needs. Remember:Your body is a high performance machine and it operates best with hi-octane gas being poured in! Creating the proper nutrient balance will ensure your body is running at efficient energy levels which will help in preventing the storage of excess body fat.

  • Preferred sources of protein: Lean cuts of red meat, chicken, fish (tuna), eggs, turkey, skim milk, and protein powders/meal replacement powders.
  • Preferred sources of carbohydrates: Lentils, sweet potatoes (yams), brown rice, wheat bread, green-leafy vegetables, fruits, oatmeal and other whole grain type products.
  • Preferred sources of fat: fish oils, flax seed oil (CLA is an excellent supplement choice here), canola oil, nuts, and olive oil.

3. Choose the right carbohydrates—All carbs are NOT created equal. Simple sugars (alcohol), processed carbs like white bread, pasta, bagels, cereals, crackers and related snack foods; along with: soda, candy, and any hi-fructose/corn syrup containing products, will each deter your efforts to building a better body. The goal with carbohydrates is to consume hi-fiber, complex carbs which act to burn at a slow steady rate (see list above). Think of wanting to put food in your system that will burn like a piece of coal: Slow and steady wins the race! You do not want carbs which burn like a match - fast and short lived! If increasing lean muscle tissue and decreasing body fat are your goals, carbohydrate choice is key. *One "splurge" day a week is certainly acceptable and always a nice way to reward yourself for your diet diligence - Just make sure this splurge day is 1x per week and not 1x every other day.

"Make it a lifestyle and you'll feel the rewards forever!"