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Health Tips - Getting Ripped

Getting Ripped...Made Easy

By Jay Robb

With the myriad of diets and exercise devices that have flooded the market in the last 10 years, it has become almost impossible to determine what is the best way to melt away all your unwanted bodyfat.

Low carb diets are in the spotlight now, but just how low is "low-carb" and does a low-carb diet mean you can eat all the fat and protein you desire?

Plus you may be wondering which fats are good fats and which are "fattening fats?"

And to top it all off, how much exercise and cardiovascular training is required to get your body shredded and keep it that way?

Back to Basics

If you are confused about your diet and exercise program, then it's time to go back to the basics. When I say basics, I mean to once again simplify your diet and exercise plan so that you get the best results with the least amount of effort, headaches and hassles.

Life is like a boat ride downstream. Notice I said, "downstream", not upstream.

Stop Paddling Upstream

Many of us often decide to exercise our freedom of choice, let our ego get the best of us and before long we find ourselves paddling upstream reaching for that magic carrot that is just ahead of the boat. I'm not telling you to let go of the paddle in your "life" boat. Instead I'm telling you to use that paddle as a rudder to gently navigate you "down" the river of life.

Getting Ripped...Made Easy

Getting ripped is easier than you may be thinking. You don't need hours and hours of exercise to lower your bodyfat down to 5-7%. All you really need is the right diet, the right exercise program, a simple goal, and a little discipline. And my THREE STEP PLAN makes it easy to get in the best shape of your life.


Let's be real. To get ripped in the next 30 days may be feasible for you if you currently possess 10-12% bodyfat. If you have 12-14% bodyfat it may require 60 days. And if you have 15% or more bodyfat it may require 90-180 days to get shredded. And depending on your metabolism, it may take longer. I'm merely being honest with you. The key here is to choose your goal and a time frame to achieve it that is realistic.


Calories count when you want to burn away fat fast. Carbohydrates count too and so does protein and fat. The key is to not lower your carbs or calories too low, or you risk metabolic shut down which lowers your core temperature should you take your temperature at midday, between meals.

To monitor your metabolism, simply take your temperature several times a day with an oral thermometer, taking the readings between meals. You should be at 98.6 during the day and about 97.8 at night. Anything lower means you are not eating enough calories or carbohydrates...or you could be low in protein and exercising too much.

A fat burning meal for a person training about an hour a day must be balanced to contain approximately 40% protein, 30% carbohydrate and 30% healthy fat.

If you are training for two or more hours a day, you may need to increase carbs to 40% and lower protein to 30% or you will risk metabolic shutdown.

If you are only training 30 minutes or less each day and aren't very active you may only need to consume 20% of your calories as carbs.

The key here is to note that carb intake is a sliding scale based on your activity level.

The more active you are, the more carbs you need.

An easy way for you to understand my carbohydrate principle is to imagine your body needs a certain amount of protein and fat to maintain itself. Carbs are primarily needed for energy, so the more you do the more carbs you can safely consume.

The less you do, the less energy and carbs you need. This will end the carb myth, which has the nation believing that carbs are bad and must be avoided. This is only true if you are very inactive or a couch potato.

If you are active, and I am assuming you are if you are reading this article, then you need carbs.

But which carbs are best? I'm glad you asked...

Vegetables are the ideal carb to get shredded. In fact, a diet that is almost entirely comprised of lean protein and non-starchy vegetables is a diet that can get your ripped beyond belief, as long as you are not training over 30 minutes a day. If you train more than that then you need to also eat some low carb fruits such as oranges, tangerines, apples, and strawberries.

If you are training more than an hour and a half per day, then you can also add in some starchy carbs from yams, potatoes, brown rice and winter squash.

It is also best to eat at least three meals per day, but it is ideal to eat 4-6 small meals if your schedule will allow it.

Below is an example of a one-day menu that will assist your body in burning fat through insulin and calorie management

The above menu plan is just a rough sketch for what you need to eat to burn fat. The carb and calorie count can go up or down according to your energy needs. The above menu is designed for someone training hard for about an hour a day.


Exercise is a must to get shredded and in the best shape of your life. Exercise isn't really going to burn much fat, at least in comparison to the amount of fat burned by eating properly. So first and foremost, STOP EXERCISING TO BURN FAT AND LOSE WEIGHT!!!! Instead, work out to get fit and build and maintain muscle mass.

The biggest mistake I see individuals make when they are trying to get super lean is to exercise too much. In reality, 30 minutes of quality training each day is plenty to get your body in great shape. Combine your simple exercise program with my diet suggestions and you will get absolutely cut to the bone with the least amount of stress on your body. Trust me. I live what I preach and it works. I can maintain 6-9% bodyfat year round on my program, and so can you.

One simple training technique I like is to train six days a week doing 30 minutes of weight training on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, I do 30 minutes of cardio training, usually surfing (but sometimes I go for a run or get on a stationary bike).

In summary, by utilizing my three-step approach to burning fat you should find yourself getting leaner every day. The key is to eat meals that force your body to burn fat, little by little. Then, before you know it, your abs will be sparkling and all your friends will want to know your secret.