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Beverly Ultimate Muscle Protein 2 Lb - Chocolate
    Beverly Ultimate Muscle Protein 2 Lb - Chocolate
    Purchase Beverly Ultimate Muscle Protein 2 Lb - Chocolate
    • SKU: BEV29
      Beverly Ultimate Muscle Protein 2 Lb - Chocolate

    • $35.95


    The perfect multi-use protein for a leaner, more muscular physique!

    Beverly International has just made improving your body composition easier than ever before. Expanding our range of elite protein formulas, Ultimate Muscle Protein is a required component in an optimal nutrition plan designed to increase muscle mass while decreasing body fat levels.

    BeverlyÂ’s Ultimate Muscle Protein is packed with all the essential amino acids such as valine, leucine and isoleucine. Research has shown that these essential amino acids can be a potent stimulator of muscle protein gain. Furthermore, Ultimate Muscle Protein contains the conditionally essential amino acids such as arginine and glutamine; both of which are important for immune support and muscle protein metabolism.

    Ultimate Muscle Protein is scientifically formulated with both “fast” and “slow” proteins. This insures that you get a quick rise in amino acids into your bloodstream; this is critical for stimulation of post-workout glycogen repletion as well as muscle tissue repair. Also, the provision of “slow” proteins ensures a sustained release of amino acids into your bloodstream to promote muscle growth and repair.

    Milk protein isolate, the primary ingredient in Ultimate Muscle Protein is an extremely high quality protein that is manufactured by an exclusive process in which the very best casein and whey proteins are isolated together from fresh skim milk. This produces a very ideal form of protein that is virtually lactose free and of exceptional value to athletes and fitness enthusiasts because of its excellent amino acid profile and two-phase (fast and slow) muscle assimilation. Smaller amounts of calcium caseinate, whey protein concentrate, and egg white are added in just the right amounts to specifically meet the exact amino acid requirements for building lean muscle tissue, while retaining the same ratio of slow and fast protein assimilation.

    The superb amino acid profile, added free form critical cluster amino acids, and dual phase assimilation makes Ultimate Muscle Protein—hands down—the best protein for increasing muscle mass while decreasing body fat levels!