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Proto's Ostrim Meat Sticks 10/Pack - Barbeque
    Proto's Ostrim Meat Sticks 10/Pack - Barbeque
    Purchase Proto's Ostrim Meat Sticks 10/Pack - Barbeque
    • SKU: 810006
      Proto's Ostrim Meat Sticks 10/Pack - Barbeque

    • $15.99


    Ostrim is a high protein, very low fat meat snack stick made from ostrich meat.
    • High in Protein and low in Carbs!
    • 96% Fat Free!
    • No refrigeration necessary so you can carry it anywhere!
    The Ostrich meat in OSTRIM is one of nature's best sources of high-protein, low-fat meat. OSTRIM is a USDA inspected health and fitness food that tastes great. OSTRIM is moist and tender (not like jerky) to truly satisfy your hunger. OSTRIM, nature's superior food protein, surpasses the protein sources found in many nutrition products that are not regulated by the USDA.

    OSTRIM packs higher protein with less fat than comparable servings of lean beef, skinless chicken breast and skinless turkey breast.

    Proteins are the building blocks of the body. They are directly responsible for the health and maintenance of strong lean muscle, blood,skin, hair and internal organs. Your body feeds on protein throughout the day and especially after you exercise. When your body enters a catabolic state - a state where muscles break down and start to feed on themselves - it is crucial to have a quick, all natural source of protein on hand. OSTRIM is the answer.

    When a protein-rich food like OSTRIM is eaten, the protein is broken down by the liver and made into amino acids. These amino acids provide the essential nutrients that your muscles and organs need for recovery and sustained energy.

    OSTRIM High Protein Snack Sticks are ready to eat, with no refrigeration or preparation necessary. OSTRIM's special vacuum packaging exceeds the ordinary packaging of other sports nutrition products. OSTRIM locks the nutrition, freshness and flavor in the package with virtually no air to deteriorate the the quality of the food. You can conveniently enjoy great-tasting OSTRIM anywhere, anytime!

    OSTRIM is nearly carbohydrate and sugar free. This allows you to choose how to add carbohydrates to your diet. OSTRIM allows you to better control only what you need to your fitness program - ready access to a high protein, low-fat, near-zero carbohydrate nutritional food supplement. A diet too high in carbohydrates and sugars may cause your body to hold body fat and result in unwanted weight gain.

    OSTRIM has less than half the sodium of most other dry-shelf meat sticks or jerky products. It contains only the minimum amount required for dry-shelf stability. the end result is good news for athletes and fitness enthusiasts because OSTRIM has an ideal sodium/potassium balance. A proper balance of sodium/potassium helps eliminate excess water retention. It also helps the body maintain strength and energy through-out your workouts.

    USDA guidelines for meats such as Ostrich when used for non-refrigerated meat sticks require the use of at least 3% traditional meats. OSTRIM satisfies this requirement and is approved as a dry-shelf meat stick bearing the USDA seal. OSTRIM is USDA inspected - guaranteeing you a true and correct nutritional profile of quality.