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Carb Boom Energy Gel 24/Box - Grape Pomegranate
    Carb Boom Energy Gel 24/Box - Grape Pomegranate
    Purchase Carb Boom Energy Gel 24/Box - Grape Pomegranate
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      Carb Boom Energy Gel 24/Box - Grape Pomegranate

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    Carb BOOM! is a great tasting energy gel made from super concentrated complex carbohydrates and flavored with real fruit purees and concentrates.

    Carb BOOM! is an ideal energy fuel for any athlete, whether racing, training or just looking for a clean, natural energy source. Carb BOOM! is a perfect sports nutritional supplement to increase and maintain energy levels before, during and after exercise. Carb BOOM! energy gel is your ally for rapidly increasing and maintaining your energy level during any prolonged physical activity. During any demanding physical activity, Carb BOOM! energy gel helps replenish glycogen and electrolyte levels and allows to keep your muscles working at full throttle. Its formula allows the athlete to maintain and sustain strenuous efforts during many hours, delay fatigue and reach one’s full potential.

    Formulated with a special blend of 22-25g of complex carbohydrates and just 2-4g of simple sugars, Carb BOOM! gel provides fast and steady release of energy into the muscles. Carb BOOM! gel does not generate insulin spikes, often associated with other energy gels made with lots of simple sugars. Its rich complex carbohydrate formula is easily absorbed and digested without any stomach upset.

    At Carbboom Nutrition, we are committed to making products that taste great and using the best quality products available. Cab BOOM! gel is made with real fruit purees and concentrates and it does not contain any artificial flavour, color, sweetener, refined sugar and fat. You get only what is good for you: complex carbohydrates, electrolytes, natural ingredients, and real fruit.

    Try Carb BOOM! today and taste the difference!